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Yan Hao Visited a Community in Nanjing and Elaborated the “Belt and Road” Initiative as a NPC Member
On May 2, Mr. Yan Hao, as a deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC), visited the Tianjin-xincun Community at Ninghai Road Sub-district, Gulou District, Nanjing. Chen Haitao, secretary of the Working Committee of Ninghai Road Sub-district, Tang Tao, director of NPC and representatives of Tianjin-xincun Community attended the talks.

At the talks, Yan Hao elaborated CPCG’s development over the past 20 years. CPCG is a new type of Chinese enterprise with infrastructure investment, construction and management as its core business. It started in Jiangsu with its first bucket of gold of 8 million by the practice of “ Would rather lose 80,000 yuan than 50,000 yuan” when sub-contracting the Ring Road Project of Nanjing, and later was involved in the construction of Nanjing airport expressway, awarded the NO.1 Outstanding Private Enterprise by Jiangsu Provincial Government and gradually evolved into China’s largest city operator, which enables itself to be a Fortune Global 500 company, ranking 89th and topping the private construction sector worldwide.

Yan Hao briefly introduced the "Belt and Road" initiative and the layout and practices of CPCG. He pointed out that it is the diligence of Chinese people that enables us to make such great achievements over the short 20 years that costs the European and American countries about 200 years. The "Belt and Road" initiative will greatly boost China's economy and the world’s as well. In response to the Initiative, CPCG has moved its headquarters to Xinjiang Autonomous Region to engage in the building of Silk Road Economic Belt core zone. The group also expands its presence in Guangxi and supports it to be a vital hub for the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road. With its focus on Shanxi and Hainan, CPCG is committed to the investment and development of cities along the routes. Additionally, CPCG advance its negotiation and cooperation with central and west Asian countries, CEE countries that along the “Belt and Road” and the ten ASEAN countries. The projects of metro and highway are in well cooperation with Ukraine and Malaysia. He stressed that a NPC member not only represents an honor, but also requires sense of responsibility. He will always keep his mission in mind to communicate more frequently with people for their benefit.

Chen Haitao spoke highly of CPCG’s contributions to the sociaty and hopes that CPCG continues to contribute to the Belt and Road development and improve the welfare of people.

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