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Chairman Yan Hao was Invited to Attend the Fourth Tibet Expo Top 500 Enterprises Project Representative Talkfest
On Sept. 8, the “Fourth Tibet Expo Top 500 Enterprises Project Representative Talkfest” was grandly held. Chairman Yan Hao was invited to attend and held cordial talks with Qi Zhala, Governor of Tibet Autonomous Region.

Important leaders attended this event, including Xu Lejiang, Vice Minister of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Central Committee, Xie Jingrong, Vice Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Chang Zhaohua, Vice Chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce; Dan Ke, Member of the Standing Committee of Tibet CPC Committee, Apei Jinyuan, Chairman of Federation of Industry and Commerce of Tibet, Zhu Qiang, Secretary-general of the Party Group of the People's Government of Tibet, Yan Ying, Vice Chairman of Beijing CPPCC, Zhang Jian, Chairman of Hunan Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce and Zhao Yanqing, Vice Chairman of Liaoning CPPCC.

At the talkfest, Yan Hao said that CPCG has always been actively engaged in the forefront of “Belt and Road”. Tibet enjoys a favorable political environment. We look forward to forming a long-term cooperative relationship with the Tibetan government.

He introduced that in recent years, CPCG has established good relations with Tibet’s Transportation Department, Housing and Construction Department and Water Resources Department, and its business quickly radiated to 6 cities and 1 district of the jurisdiction of Tibet Autonomous Region.

He added that CPCG would actively involve itself in Tibet’s infrastructure construction, increase the region’s employment and tax revenue. Once it do business in Tibet, it will act, speak and take responsibility as local enterprises do. It is committed and confident to build itself into one of the future’s standard-setters together with people of Tibet to substantially contribute to the growth of Tibet.

Qi Zhala highly appreciated Yan Hao's speech. He said that CPCG, a responsible enterprise with great strength, has made remarkable achievements in Tibet’s infrastructure investment and hoped that CPCG would increase investment in Tibet. He stressed that Tibet is facing unprecedented opportunities and its development must rely on enterprises. Tibetan government will provide enterprises with a favorable investment environment.

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