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Yan Jiehe Visited Aladdin Reno, ASEAN’s Under-Secretary-General for Economy
On September 11, on the day before the opening of the 15th China-ASEAN Expo, Yan Jiehe visited Aladdin Reno, ASEAN’s Under-Secretary-General for Economy. The two sides exchanged views on how to make full use of the advantages of private enterprises to build the China-ASEAN Development Community.

★“One Challenge”
During the exchange, Aladdin Reno said that Chinese private enterprises will face many difficulties in entering the ASEAN infrastructure market. Many ASEAN countries are not satisfied with the PPP model, and the biggest challenge comes from the financing of infrastructure projects, which has become an obstacle for many private enterprises to enter ASEAN countries.
Yan said that he was a contractor who did not understand the project, a businessman who looked down on businessmen. He did not rush for quick successes and quick profits. Instead, he was in the spirit of making friends first and then doing business. Wherever we go, we would not increase the pressure of debt to the local government, but also rush to the front in financing.
He further emphasized that innovation is irregularity and creation is destruction. Chinese-style BT was created for our enterprises. All the way through, it has come from past illegal activities to today’s legitimacy. I believe that this road can be well traveled in China and in ASEAN.

★“Walk with Two Legs”
Reno said that ASEAN is interested in infrastructure projects and knows more about the importance of Chinese private enterprises to ASEAN. In concrete implementation, how to integrate ASEAN’s integration strategy with the globalization strategy of more Chinese private enterprises has always been their consideration.
Yan’s proposal calls for cooperation between ASEAN and China to be “public-private partnership”. That is to say, two-legged walking is the best choice for cooperation with both SOEs as well as private enterprises, government.
He explained that cooperation with SOEs can bring preferential loans, but also overload liabilities. Private enterprises have fewer problems in this regard, because institutional model determine their advantages in mechanism, capital, mode and so on.

★“Three Competitiveness”
Yan said that localization is our greatest advantage. From China Pacific Construction Group to the construction of the Pacific region. When we arrive at ASEAN, we will become an ASEAN enterprise, bringing funds, profits and taxes to the local places. Keeping up with the local wind and rain, we will go all the way.
The all-directional model is unique to us. In the field of infrastructure investment and construction, no matter which business model can be, as long as the government has any problems, they can throw to us to solve. It is because we are the private enterprise that we have the strongest adaptability and the best development.
The most fundamental competitiveness comes from our own funds. The supervision of funds is relatively loose so that we have relative freedom. Yan concluded by emphasizing that it is believed that bringing this PPP model to ASEAN will be welcomed by every country.
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