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The Grand Opening of the 17th China-ASEAN Expo,Yang Jiechi Highly Affirms the Guangxi Strategy of Pacific Construction
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Yan Jiehe Met with Vietnamese Ambassador to China, Deng Mingkui
On the evening of October 30, Yan Jiehe met with Vietnamese Ambassador to China, Deng Mingkui and minister Fan Qingping and his delegation in Beijing. The two sides had a pleasant exchange in a cordial, friendly, sincere and frank atmosphere.

Yan said that this was his fifth meeting with the Ambassador and that he was very happy to be reunited with his old friend. He has visited Vietnam and has deep feelings for Vietnam. China and Vietnam are geographically adjacent, culturally similar and blood-related. Vietnam has huge market potential. He is willing to establish Southeast Asia headquarter in the coastal cities of Vietnam, and will introduce local talent to manage the company and boost it an economy surpassing the four Asian figers, making the greatest contribution to Vietnam’s economic development.

Ambassador Deng Mingkui thanked Yan for his warm hospitality and agreed with Vietnam’s deep friendship with Chinese culture. He introduced that Vietnam is the country with the largest number of traditional Chinese festivals, and Cantonese is also the most effective language for folk communication between the two countries. He also said that he would do his best to cooperate with CPCG in Vietnam. He will also introduce Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Chunfu to meet with Yan at the First China International Import Expo in Shanghai on November 5th. He will also arrange for the connection of the top 10 Vietnamese enterprises with CPCG to serve Yan’s delegation to Vietnam in November.

Yan asked Ambassador Deng Mingkui to convey his congratulations to the new President of Vietnam, Nguyen Fuchung, and said that Vietnam would move towards the spring of economic development and that Sino-Vietnamese relations would move towards a new stage of steady development. At the dinner, Ambassador Deng Mingkui warmly invited Yan to visit his official residence next time to enjoy delicious food, music, and talk about development. Yan readily accepted the invitation. After the dinner, Ambassador Deng Mingkui presented precious Vietnamese characteristic porcelain to Yan. Yan returned the New Analects of Confucius to him.
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