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Yan Jiehe Met with the Malaysian Prince in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region
On the afternoon of Sept. 22, 2019, Yan Jiehe was attending the 16th China-ASEAN Expo in Nanning  and met with Malaysian Prince Tengku Sri Paduka Raja Tengku Ibrahim Ibni Sultan Ismail and his delegation at Nanning headquarters. They had cordial exchanges on China-Malaysia cooperation and hosted a dinner party to welcome the prince and his delegation.

Tengku Sri Paduka Raja Tengku Ibrahim Ibni Sultan Ismail is the 16th President of Sultan of Terengganu, Son of Malaysian Fouth Head of State, Brother of the 17th Sultan and Uncle of Malaysian 13th Head of State. He served as assistant secretary of state and assistant district commissioner in the state civil service. Later, he ventured into business and devoted himself to the production of renewable energy from biomaterials for industrial, commercial and household consumption, which brought him good reputation in local business community.

At the beginning of the talks, two sides watched an English promotional video of CPCG.

Yan Jiehe expressed his sincere welcome to the prince and his delegation and introduced to them the development process of CPCG. CPCG has, he said, always stick to its group culture of “wisdom and conscience, taking suffering and loss”,  representing “the glory of China and its national dignity” as a private enterprise, for six consecutive years on the list of Global 500, four consecutive years into the top 100, topping the global private construction industry, and ranking 24th in the Chinese companies, third in Chinese construction industry after two central companies.

Yan Jiehe remarked that, for most businessmen, they are after “money” in the short term which is right “in front of their eyes”. However, he, as an incompetent businessman who looks down on the businessman in his heart, never values the “money” which is right “in front of his eyes”, but values the prospective possibilities “ahead of money”. Pacific people uphold the belief of “doing things as flexible as water, and behaving themselves as upright as mountains”. He said that Malaysia was the market that CPCG attached great importance to. During his inspection, he found that the government spent a large amount of money on road maintenance every year. CPCG’s originated EPCP model contains the whole industrial chain such as planning, design, investment, construction, delivery, operation, maintenance and management which integrates construction and maintenance with zero subcontracting and zero affiliation at the lowest cost, fastest progress. Therefore, there is no need for any major repair in ten years.
The prince and his delegation expressed their sincere thanks to Yan Jiehe for their warm reception, their admiration for Yan’s height and vision, and their high recognition and complete trust in the strength of CPCG. They introduced the development status and construction needs of Malaysia and the Trengganu State.
Tengku Sri Paduka Raja Tengku Ibrahim said Terengganu State has a coastline of 230 kilometers, many islands and forest resources. Its main economic activities are services, manufacturing and agriculture. The per capita GDP is lower than the per capita level of Malaysia. On behalf of Terengganu State, he expressed his keen expectation to look forward CPCG to investing in the state with its advantages of Global 500 company so as to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

During the dinner held after the talks, the guests and hosts also exchanged views on China-Malaysia relations, China-US trade and Marine economy topics, etc..
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