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Chairman Yan Jiehe Paid a Cordial Visit to the Former Vice Premier of the State Council of Thailand

On the afternoon of June 14, Chairman Yan Jiehe was received at a high level of the Thai government by H.E. Korn Dabbaransi, former Deputy Prime Minister of the State Council of Thailand. The two sides conducted friendly exchanges on cooperation in fields such as infrastructure, environmental protection and education.

During the talks, Yan made a macro analysis of the international economic situation and expressed his unique views on Thailand's economic development. He said that the future economy would be marine economy. With the advantages of ocean, the development potential would be huge. Thailand's high degree of civilization reflected the high degree of marketization, which promotes Thailand's economic growth into a higher level.
Korn Dabbaransi introduced Thailand's general situation on economic development, urban planning infrastructure construction, environmental protection, etc.. He thanked Yan for “checking the pulse and making prescriptions” for Thailand's economic development, and said he fully agreed with Yan’s innovative views and suggestions.
Yan said that over the 30 years, CPCG has grown from an obscure township enterprise to one of the Global 500 enterprises topping world's private construction enterprise. We were committed to be the standard-setter of the global infrastructure industry by closely following China’s national strategy. We upheld the philosophy of “making friends first, doing business later” instead of seeking quick success and instant benefits. China and Thailand should take a long-term view, closely focus on common interests, share development opportunities, speed up infrastructure construction so as to promote further progress in the two countries’ strategic partnership.
Yan Jiehe looked forward to the construction of the new high speed railway that would link Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia and the artificial canal in Khokhok Kra, and pointed out that the successful development of the artificial canal in Thailand would be its best card for Thailand’s tourism. CPCG could make this canal the most beautiful and world-class scenic spot in Thailand through greening, beautifying, lighting, purifying engineering.
Korn Dabbaransi said that Thailand was honored to have CPCG, one of the world’s top 100 enterprises to invest in Thailand, and hoped that two sides would carry out in-depth cooperation in fields including infrastructure investment and construction, and education for a better future.
After the talks, the two sides presented gifts to each other. Yan Jiehe invited Mr. Korn Dabbaransi to visit China’s Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta at an appropriate time. 

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