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Chairman Yan Hao held talks with Xu Zhihui, Secretary of Maoming Municipal Party Committee
On March 10, Yan Hao, Chairman of the Board of CPCG, held friendly talks with Xu Zhihui, Secretary of Maoming Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress.

Yan Hao said that CPCG had always adhered to its core value of “safety first, reputation second and profit third”, so as to continue its cooperation with governments and win the satisfaction of the people. It is on the principle of “zero subcontracting, zero affiliation and zero complaints” that CPCG gradually earns its reputation and popularity. Over the 30 years, CPCG firmly adhered to its main business, kept up with the overall situation of national development, followed major national development strategy, and moved its headquarters to Xinjiang at the end of 2016 to devote itself to the construction of “Belt and Road”. In recent years, CPCG took “district development, characteristic town, and urban renewal” as its core business, focusing on future city construction. Through the construction of urban industrial chain, CPCG aimed to explore and practice a new mode for city development that transferring from one-way blood transfusion to industrial hematopoiesis. CPCG is also shifting from its 1.0 mode of infrastructure construction to the 2.0 mode of urban integrated operation.

Yan Hao stressed that due to the different industrial and geographical advantages of each region, the future city development would be one plan for one city that cannot be duplicated. CPCG did not select some project but the market. Its cooperation with government extended from municipal level to provincial level, with its investment extending from several places to a whole region. CPCG had maintained cooperation with Maoming for many years that our group held deep feelings to this city. We would continue to stick to the principle of “behaving, speaking, doing business and taking responsibilities as the locals do when entering the Maoming gate”, to make full use of its advantages of “resources, wisdom and capital”, to contribute more to the city construction of Maoming, and continue to practice public welfare by taking our social responsibility as a global 500 company.

Xu Zhihui welcomed the visit of Yan Hao and his delegation. He said that CPCG has a strong fighting capacity and competitiveness. The BT model initiated by CPCG years ago caught the local government's urgent need for funds, and ushered in the explosive expansion of its national business. Now, Maoming was in the new stage of development, focusing on building a modern coastal city with strong industrial strength and creating a new growth pole in the coastal economic belt. In recent years, with the urban transportation getting more convenient, Maoming's advantages in resources, space and industry gradually got highlighted. Under the new strategic pattern of “One Core, One Belt, One Area”, its crucial mission was to make use of coastal advantages to develop industries, which coincided with the development of the future city of CPCG. Under the new situation, we welcomed CPCG to pay more attention to and explore new opportunities in Maoming. We looked forward to jointly exploring business model with Pacific Construction, discussing a better cooperation model so as to create benchmark projects.

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