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Chairman Yan Jiehe held talks with Li Yiwei, Secretary of Huizhou Municipal Committee
On March 31, Chairman Yan Jiehe led a delegation to visit Huizhou, Guangdong for investigation and exchange, and met with Li Yiwei, Secretary of Huizhou Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Standing Committee of Municipal People's Congress. The two sides talked about cooperation and development at the local level, focusing on economic and social development, infrastructure development and governance of enterprises.

Combined with his own experience of entrepreneurial governance, Chairman Yan Jiehe talked about the development of companies through philosophy. He said that innovation was to break, creation was to destroy. The extraordinary ones were the simple ones. Yan Jiehe himself as the “World’s First Chinese Madman”, ran his business and develop his career in a magnanimous and passionate way. CPCG had always adhered to its way of development of “following market rather than officialdom and advovating the law rather than power”, and so was its in-depth cooperation with Zhuhai. CPCG would keep its first mission to assist the development of Huizhou. Over the past 30 years, with the attitude of “zero subcontracting, zero affiliation and zero complaints”, CPCG has formed its unique enterprise style of “fast progress, good quality, low cost, few conflicts and high efficiency”, and has ranked in the Global 500 companies for years. As a “new type of Chinese enterprise run by Chinese”, CPCG has invested 100% in capital, personnel and equipment in its project construction. Over the years, it has completed numerous “projects of conscience, for descendants and honor” with many local governments.

The west coast of Guangdong lies in Jiangmen, the east coast of Guangdong lies in Huizhou. Huizhou is a “miniature Guangdong” integrating Hakka culture, Chaoshan culture and Cantonese culture with superior location and huge development potential. CPCG is confident to be the “first son” of Huizhou to give play to its advantages in resources, wisdom and capital to promote the GDP growth of Huizhou and upgrade its comprehensive strength. Since the reform and opening up, China's private enterprises have welcomed the spring of development. Since then, the status of private enterprises has been constantly enhanced. Under such an environment, CPCG has been expanding and growing stronger all the way. Throughout the world, the higher the degree of privatization, the more developed the urban economy. The first class universities are all private ones. The Zhuan Yan University which is under preparation will become a world-class urban educational institution. Education, health care and health investment are the trend of urban development in China, and also the development trend of Huizhou. The universe has not changed while the world has changed already; remember the past while experience the future. Enterprises are willing to make friends with Huizhou city first, then to do business, to achieve development hand in hand under the sun through ups and downs, so as to create a better tomorrow for Huizhou.

Li Yiwei welcomed Chairman Yan Jiehe and expressed his admiration for Yan’s unique culture and profound insights. Li introduced the development plan, advantages and characteristics of Huizhou, and expressed his gratitude for enterprises investing  in Huizhou. He pointed out that Chairman Yan Jiehe’s views on Huizhou’s current pattern and future trend were enlightening, and he highly recognized his vision of Huizhou's urban development. Huizhou has been known as “the crucial town in eastern Guangdong” and “the famous county of Lingnan” since ancient times. With prominent geographical advantages and rich resources and products, it was also one of the regions with fast growth rate of private economy in China and enjoys the advantage of building a complete industrial chain. Li was confident to achieve a GDP of over one trillion yuan by 2027. There was broad prospect for Huizhou’s  investment and development. CPCG would play a great role in Huizhou with the flexible and transparent policies. It was hoped that the government and the enterprise would deepen exchanges and strengthen contact to seek the best cooperation points, for the overall situation and a better future.

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