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Chairman Yan Jiehe held talks with the Secretary of Yangjiang Municipal Committee
On March 31, Chairman Yan Jiehe led the SuSun team at the invitation to visit Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province, and met with Jiao Lansheng, Secretary of Ynagjiang Municiple Committee and Diorector of Yangjiang Municipal People's Congress.

Chairman Yan Jiehe proposed unique views on areas such as the development of private enterprises and Guangdong's urbanization, combining with the current political, economic and cultural development situation. He said that small proprietors focused on the business itself when doing business while big proprietors focused on people. If one determined to achieve great success, s/he should make friends first before doing things, to ensure that there would be no incidents. We came to Yangjiang to deepen cooperation. We would do business in the way how the government said. He pointed out that the greatness was out of enduring handwork which didn’t mean all the hardworking people could be great. We had evolved into a strong company through working steadily in a down-to-earth way under the background of reform and opening-up and the new era of President Xi Jinping. The bigger the enterprise was, the heavier the responsibility it should take. We were willing to help the building of Yanjiang as well as benefit its people with 100% contract spirit, 100% legal consciousness, 100% social responsibility, 100% strength and 100% generosity.

Jiao Lansheng deeply admired Chairman Yan Jiehe for his profound philosophy and unique strategic perspective. He said that Yangjiang was seizing the opportunity of building the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Guangdong coastal economic belt, building an industrial division of labor and cooperation system for integrated development, building up a solid foundation and making breakthroughs in transportation infrastructure and industrial development to achieve dislocation and complementary development. He hoped that Su Sun Group would continue to support the development of Yangjiang, and the Municipal party Committee and Government would further optimize services to create a stable, fair, transparent, predictable business environment, efficient government environment and a safe and stable social environment for enterprises, so as to ensure the smooth progress of projects.

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