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Chairman Yan Hao Held Talks with Qin Rupei, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Guangxi and Executive Vice Chairman of Guangxi
        On September 18, Chairman Yan Hao held talks in Nanning with Qin Rupei, Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Guangxi and Executive Vice Chairman of Guangxi, and both parties actively discussed on how to further strengthen cooperation.
        Yan Hao introduced the progress of the Global Village project invested and built in Huai'an, and the development situation of the enterprise. He said that since its establishment, Pacific Construction has always focused on the infrastructure construction and the government projects. Its total investment quantity and quality have been constantly improved, and the revenue ranks fourth in the national construction industry and 75th in Fortune Global 500. It is committed to building a century old enterprise and becoming one of the global standard setters of infrastructure construction industry. The Global Village project, which is planned to invest tens of billions of capitals, covers relevant supporting industries such as education and medical treatment. It is aimed not only to benefit the hometown and the local people, but also to actively explore the future development mode of new urbanization. The core target of the project is to make some villagers become townspeople and then some townspeople to become citizens.
        Yan Hao pointed out that in 2017, the Pacific Construction Group signed an investment cooperation agreement of 450 billion with the government of Guangxi. Over the past three years, Pacific Construction has invested over 14 cities and 70 counties in Guangxi with over 200 projects. The amount of contracts is about 160 billion, and the contracts with the investment over 80 billion have been implemented. In the cooperation with governments, Pacific Construction has always been committed to being a "Gold Player", adopting the dislocation competition strategy when competing with central enterprises and state-owned enterprises, and providing preferential cooperation strategy for poor counties and districts. The enterprise always adheres to the core operational value of "safety first, reputation second, and benefit third", and insists on reputation marketing. It also insists on expanding employment for the society and increasing taxes for the government after becoming stronger, while fulfilling its social responsibility and maintaining the system and mechanism of private enterprises. At the same time, it carries out the shareholding system reform to make more and more elites "transfer from employees to shareholders, job to career, and treatment to honor".
        Yan Hao stressed that the Pacific Construction is moving from the era of infrastructure construction 1.0 to the era of integrated urbanization operation 2.0. In addition to the traditional infrastructure construction, Pacific Construction will also build three core products of district development, characteristic town and urban renewal from six dimensions of urban planning, land consolidation, public construction, infrastructure construction, industry introduction and urban operation. The relevant projects have been implemented in Taiyuan and other places. In recent years, Guangxi's business environment has been continuously optimized and its administrative efficiency has been continuously improved. Pacific Construction has always regarded Guangxi as an important strategic market. First, it established its southern headquarters in Nanning and entered ASEAN market through the Maritime Silk Road. Second, it has become the most important strategic partner of China-ASEAN Expo for two consecutive years. It also has won the praise from Han Zheng, a member of Standing Committee of Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier of the State Council. Pacific Construction will continue to adhere to the work standard of "fast progress, good quality, low cost, few contradictions and high efficiency", as well as the concept of "zero subcontracting, zero affiliation and zero transfer", and further strengthen cooperation with Guangxi in combination with the major development strategy of Guangxi.
        Qin Rupei said that in recent years, Guangxi has been in strict accordance with the "three orientations" (construct an international gateway to ASEAN, build a new strategic fulcrum for opening up and developing the Southwest and Central South China, and promote the organic integration of the Maritime Silk Road and the Silk Road areas in 21th century) put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping. On this basis, a new round of high-level and high-quality development has been launched. One belt, one road, is the most obvious advantage of Guangxi. After entering the new era, Guangxi's advantages are more obvious. The first is its location advantage that it is close to ASEAN and One Belt and One Road areas. Just as General Secretary Xi Jinping said, Guangxi connects eleven countries with one gulf, and links eastern, central and western regions of China. The second is a series of national strategic policy dividends granted to Guangxi. The total investment for "five nets construction" in 3 years is more than 2.2 trillion. At present, the industry is developing rapidly and the investment policy is superior. Enterprises from all over the country are highly welcome to invest in Guangxi. It can be predicted that under the guidance of a series of opening strategies, such as financial gateway, free trade zone, Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, cross-border cooperation zone, and western new land-sea channel, Guangxi will central, step into a period of great development.
        Qin Rupei pointed out that the cooperation with Pacific Construction in those years is still fresh in memory, because its construction progress and quality are all excellent and there has been no negative problem about the enterprise for more than ten years. Yan Hao, as the second-generation leader of Pacific Construction, has a good management of the enterprise, and his concepts like "safety first, reputation second, and benefit third" and "zero subcontracting, zero affiliation and zero transfer" are worthy of recognition. Throughout the development process of the enterprise, there are several highlights worthy of attention. One is the successful handover of two generations. From the second generation started to take office to now, Pacific Construction has not only accelerated its development, but also gradually transformed from a family enterprise into a modern enterprise. The other is the internationalization of the enterprise. Pacific Construction is actively marching from home to abroad, and its development concept is not only simple infrastructure construction, but also innovative modes such as investment, construction, operation and future city, which shows that the development of the enterprise is sustainable and high-quality.
        Qin Rupei stressed that since the signing of investment cooperation agreement with the government of Guangxi in 2017, Pacific Construction has developed rapidly in Guangxi. This is not only due to the firm compliance with national policies, but also the enhancement of soft and hard power of the enterprise itself. Guangxi government is willing to provide support for the development of enterprises in Guangxi and even ASEAN, especially in the new urbanization construction and rural revitalization focused on the counties, which is also the dominant field of Pacific Construction. Guangxi government welcomes the enterprise to increase its investment in Guangxi, and expects that the two parties can further expand the cooperation, improve the cooperation quality and jointly promote the economic and social development of Guangxi.
        Song Shaoting (Vice Chairman of the board of directors of Pacific Construction and President), Wu Bin (Chairman of the board of directors of Future City), Chang Weiwei (Chairman of the board of directors of Pacific Water Group), Huang Aiqin (Chairman of the board of directors of Pacific Capital Group), Li Xiang (Vice President of Pacific Construction), Zhu Huidong (Vice Mayor of Nanning), Wang Zongwen (Deputy Director of the Beibu Gulf Office of Guangxi), Fan Xinhong (Deputy Director of the Local Financial Supervision Bureau of Guangxi), Zhu Jianhe (Chairman of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Investment Group), and Lan Jiazhen (Director of the Economic and Trade Department of the Federation of Industry and Commerce) attended the talks.
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