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Pacific Construction 2020 Awards Ceremony is Held in Wuhan
  On the afternoon of April 6, the Pacific Construction 2020 Awards Ceremony with the theme of "glorious moment, move forward passionately" was held in Wuhan, Hubei Province. Yang Jun, Deputy Mayor of Wuhan City, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Yan Hao, Chairman of the board of directors of Pacific Construction, as well as group senior officers and core teams of nine platforms and subsidiaries attended the ceremony.
Our Group pays tribute to staff for their loyalty, excellence and struggle through this ceremony in Wuhan, a hero city!
>>>Trust and cooperation
  Trust is the foundation of all cooperation and success. On the morning of April 6, the Pacific Construction signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wuhan Municipal People's Government. Cheng Yongwen, Mayor of Wuhan City, attended the meeting and witnessed the signing of the agreement. In the afternoon, Yang Jun, Deputy Mayor of Wuhan City, attended the awards ceremony and delivered a speech, expressing the concern and support of Wuhan municipal government for the development of enterprises.
  In his speech, Yang Jun depicted a new picture of Wuhan based on the "14th Five-Year Plan" from three aspects of "a vigorous hero city", "rich resources and superior environment" and "sharing opportunities for win-win development", and a bright vision that Wuhan municipal government and Pacific Construction can share opportunities and seek development together.
  Yang Jun said that Wuhan is recovering from the damage of COVID-19. The main economic indicators have shown a good trend of high-quality development, and the market vitality has continued to burst. Wuhan municipal government has always kept the General Secretary Xi Jinping's sincere request in mind to focus on the overall position as the national core city and the core city along the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and to speed up the construction of "five centers" and a modern Wuhan. The municipal government is willing to form a community of interests and development with the majority of enterprises, and be a good "shopkeeper" to provide enterprises with high-quality services, aiming to create a better business environment. It is hoped that Pacific Construction can continue to care about and support the development of Wuhan, make more business, projects and resources available to Wuhan, and help Wuhan's economy to achieve high-quality development with high-quality investment and construction.
  Yan Hao expressed his gratitude to the Wuhan municipal Party committee and government for their full trust and support. In the future, we will continue to strive to be a "gold medal winner", take practical actions as a way to pay Wuhan municipal government's care and trust back, and share new development opportunities and create new achievements with Wuhan municipal government and Wuhan people in the journey of building a modern Wuhan.
>>>Respect and honor
  Dozens of awards have been set up for the first time to pay tribute to excellent group, enterprise, project, operation, business and management, including Merit Award, Gold Medal Employees and Rising Star. The winners include not only the "workhorses" who have been working with Pacific Construction for decades, but also the "thorough-bred horses" who are willing to work hard, as well as young people who are at the grassroots level fighting in the front line.
  Yan Hao said that the reason why every country, city and enterprise can win honor and dignity is that those who "want to do things, dare to do things, can do successful things, and never do wrong anything" all work hard with diligence, wisdom, conscience, and courage. Today, more than 700 award-winning employees are the excellent representatives showing the Group's honor, kindness, courage, wisdom and diligence.
>>>Equity and business
  At the ceremony, Liu Anqi, Vice Chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Pacific Construction, issued the outline of equity incentive measures and interpreted it.
  Yan Hao pointed out that high-quality development is not a slogan, but a matter of vital importance to the Group's long-term plan and the future of every member. We should further strengthen the reform of the joint-stock system to let more elites become partners of the Yan family and form a real and clean community of interests with the enterprise, so as to share more dividends of enterprise development. At present, the "outline of equity incentive measures" has been officially issued, and is being constantly revised and improved in practice to provide institutional protection in line with the times.
  Yan Hao stressed that looking back on the past, he felt that the achievements were hard won; looking forward to the future, the mission and responsibility were on his shoulders. Having a career means having everything. Under the new development pattern, our generation has to work hard and be responsible. Pacific Construction will always be guided by corporate culture, continue to promote enterprises from family to socialization, from leader system to team system, and let more elites realize the transformation from employees to shareholders, from profession to career, from treatment to honor.
>>>Gold medal and gold brick
  In order to thank those outstanding employees who have been with the company for 20 years, this awards ceremony set up the "Gold Medal Employee" award, and Yan Hao presented them with commemorative bricks personally.
  Yan Hao said that looking back on the development of Pacific Construction for more than 30 years, the achievement of being the world top 500 enterprises is due to many factors, but it cannot dispense with a loyal and united team with consistent goals. They are loyal to the enterprise, the profession and the career. They may not be ahead of all the time, but they always accompany the platform. In the future, such gold medal employees will be more and more. Generations of Pacific staff will always pursue the cause without stopping. Gold medal is a reward for the success of athletes, while brick is the return for old employees' loyalty and dedication to the enterprise.
>>>Show and pilot
  At the end of the ceremony, nine major platforms of Pacific Construction, namely, Yinjiang Construction, Zhongshu Construction, Five Lakes Construction, Two Bays Construction, Future City, Pacific Water, Pacific International, Pacific Capital and Pacific Industry, were showed. The Chairman of the board of directors of each platform jointly pressed the hand-shaped button symbolizing "a new journey and a new start", marking the formal establishment of development pattern with whole industry chain layout and multi brand operation.
The lighting ceremony is an expression of the confidence and determination of the nine platforms to continue their efforts and move forward passionately, representing that in the new process of building a high-quality development era, they will enlarge the synergy effect with first-mover advantage and lead the journey with their brave, so as to jointly achieve a brilliant career.
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