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Pacific Construction Signs Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Yingde Municipal Government
  On the morning of March 19, Pacific Construction and Yingde Municipal Government of Guangdong Province signed a five-year strategic cooperation agreement of no less than 5 billion. Chairman Yan Hao witnessed the signing of the agreement with Xiao Yongke, Deputy Secretary of Yingde Municipal Party Committee and Mayor. Wang Haiming, Chairman of the board of directors of 13th Group of Pacific Construction, and Qian Jinqin, Executive Vice Mayor of Yingde, signed the agreement on behalf.
  Yan Hao pointed out that Pacific Construction is a team capable of "fighting a tough battle". Since its establishment, we have been firmly adhering to the principle of complying with disciplines and laws and the core operational value of "safety first, reputation second, and benefit third". We insist on taking safe production as the first priority to build an enterprise with good reputation and sparing no effort to build a century old enterprise. Guangdong is the No.1 strategic market that Pacific Construction attaches great importance to and invests heavily in. Since entering 21 cities in Guangdong, we have built a large number of key livelihood projects and quality projects in Guangzhou, Foshan, Zhongshan, Zhaoqing, Shanwei, Zhanjiang and other places with the craftsmanship spirit of "wisdom, conscience, hardship and benefit". With the principles of high-standard construction, high-quality management and high-efficiency promotion, we actively helped the construction of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay Area and the economic revitalization of Eastern, Western and Northern Guangdong.
  Yan Hao said that Pacific Construction and Yingde have established a profound friendship in their years of cooperation, and the Yingde Yangwanli Avenue, which was built by the 13th Group of Pacific Construction, is a witness of the good cooperative relationship between the two parties. Although our team in Yingde is young, we always maintain the spirit of "pioneering", "creating" and "working". In the construction of Yangwanli Avenue, the Pacific people paid close attention to the project progress, strictly controlled the quality and safety, overcame many difficulties, and finally achieved the goal of opening to traffic in the Spring Festival ahead of time, which won wide praise from the owners and relevant departments.
  Yan Hao mentioned that in recent years, Yingde has been focusing on such major strategic opportunities as the construction of "two zones" and rural revitalization. The construction of ecological civilization and people's living standards have achieved leapfrog development, and the business environment has been continuously optimized and improved, so we are optimistic about Yingde's development prospects and investment potential. The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement is a new starting point for the Pacific Construction to take root in Yingde. We will focus on the development orientation of Yingde Municipal Party Committee and Government in the next five years, taking the sense of ownership as the mission to work with Yingde Municipal Party Committee and Government to overcome difficulties. It is hoped that relevant departments of both government and enterprise can comprehensively strengthen communication, promote the implementation and construction of cooperation projects with high standards, high efficiency and high level, work together to construct the new development mode of "one core, one zone and two centers" in the urban area, speed up the construction of "expanding the east and optimizing the west" in urban areas, promote the quality development of "one river, two banks, build a modern industrial system, and create a local clean government-enterprise business environment, so as to Yonge's achieve a long-term mutual benefit and win-win situation.
  Xiao Yongke expressed his gratitude to Pacific Construction for its active participation in the construction of Yingde. He said that the achievement of Yangwanli Avenue is obvious to all, and the signing of this agreement marks an important step in the strategic cooperation between the two parties. At present, our city is vigorously promoting the expansion and quality improvement of "expanding the east and optimizing the west" in urban area, and is speeding up the development of new city on east bank and the transformation of south city. There is a strong demand for transportation, infrastructure construction, public services and other fields, and a huge market for investment and construction. In the future, we will strengthen the cooperation with Pacific Construction on specific projects and promote the implementation of projects as soon as possible.
  Qian Jinqin said that as a world top 500 enterprise, Pacific Construction has strong strength, rich experience and advanced concept in infrastructure construction and other fields. He hoped that Pacific Construction can give full play to its advantages in investment, financing, planning, design, urban infrastructure construction and operation management to accelerate the infrastructure construction of Yingde and promote the economic and social development of Yingde. We hope that the two parties will take this signing as a new starting point to expand the scope and scale of cooperation and strive to realize a new vision of mutual benefit and win-win development.
  Chang Haizheng (Management President), Fan Yikai (Business President), Zhang Zhimou (Chairman and CFO of the board of supervisors), Zhu Wenjie (Deputy General Manager of Engineering Center), Jiang Xiaoyan (Executive Assistant) of 13th Group of Pacific Construction; Lan Dongsong, Vice Chairman of Yingde Municipal Committee of the CPPCC and Director of Municipal Health Bureau; Wu Guotian, Director of Management Committee of High-tech Zone; Wang Xiaodong, Director of the Municipal Government Office, Deng Jian, Director of Municipal Education Bureau, Li Zhongzhao, Director of Municipal Transportation Bureau, and leaders of other departments attended the signing ceremony.
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