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Chairman Yan Jiehe Holds Talks with Deputy Director of Standing Committee of the National People's Congress
  On March 15, Chairman Yan Jiehe held talks with Ye Hongzhuan, Deputy Director of Standing Committee of the Hunan Provincial People's Congress and Party Secretary of Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. The two parties had in-depth exchanges on the future development ideas and cooperation modes of Xiangxi Prefecture.
  The meeting was pushed on by watching the cultural videos (Spring Story, Three Monks and The Coming of the Future. Yan Jiehe pointed out that Pacific Construction is a clean businessman, and always adheres to work standard of "zero subcontracting, zero affiliation and zero transfer". State-owned enterprises and central enterprises are smart and capable, but they are naughty, while private enterprises are obedient, but are not so capable. Pacific Construction integrated the advantages of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, which is smart, capable and obedient and can solve problems independently.
  Chairman Yan Jiehe repeatedly expressed his gratitude for the times and the current situation. High status comes after great achievements, and only life is the eternal teacher. The Chinese character "Zhong" (loyalty) is composed by one "Zhong" (China) and one "Xin" (heart); if two "Zhong" (China) plus "Xin" (heart), it means "Huan" (trouble). Management is very complicated. What is first-class management? Management means managing people, managing people means employing people, and employing people means educating people. The first-class management only cares about people, the second-class management cares both about people and things, while the third-class management only cares about things. Give full play to one's advantages and be tolerant of one's shortcomings; reserve right staff and replace wrong staff.
  Ye Hongzhuan said that the introduction of Pacific Construction is the most correct strategy made by Xiangxi Prefecture. Without the support of Pacific Construction, the development road of Xiangxi will not be so broad, the quality will not be so excellent and the reputation will not be so good. Pacific Construction has a rich enterprise culture and profound patriotism. We are looking forward to making further cooperation on the construction of Jishou high-speed railway and new city, and jointly promoting the faster and better development of Xiangxi Prefecture.
  Guan Huaijin, Chairman of the board of directors of the 6th Group of Pacific Construction, Liu Zhenyu, member of the Standing Committee and Vice Governor of Xiangxi Prefecture, Xiang Bangwei, Secretary General and Second-class Inspector of Xiangxi Prefecture, Li Shixing, Secretary of Jishou Municipal Party Committee, Chen Xiaolong, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xiangxi High-tech Zone, and Fu Jiasheng, Mayor of Jishou, attended the talks.
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