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Chairman Yan Hao Holds Talks with Secretary of Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee Again
  After the talks in November last year, Chairman Yan Hao held another talk with Yan Hua, Secretary of the Yongzhou Municipal Party Committee on March 11, 2021 in Yongzhou City, Hunan Province. Focusing on the prospects of Yongzhou market, the two parties discussed the main tone of cooperation.
  Yan Hao said that he and Secretary Yan Hua feel like old friends at the first meeting. They have similarities in style and personality, that is, they always follow the principle of "be strict in everything, be strict to the end". Since its establishment, Pacific Construction has always focused on the main business of infrastructure construction, adhering to the core operational value of "safety first, reputation second, and benefit third" and reputation marketing. In recent years, the enterprise has been actively participated in "One Belt and One Road" construction and "poverty alleviation" stipulated in the 13th Five-Year Plan. Our cooperation with governments based on the work standard of "zero subcontracting, zero affiliation and zero transfer" has won full trust from the government and people, which improves our reputation and influence gradually.
  Yan Hao pointed out that Pacific Construction and Hunan are "old friends" with a deep foundation for cooperation, and the understanding and mutual trust are enhanced in their cooperation over the years. This year is the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, and the Group takes Hunan as a key strategic market that attaches great importance to and heavily invests in. Nowadays, fixed asset investment is still an important engine for China's economic growth, and the proportion of infrastructure construction investment cannot be underestimated. Pacific Construction will seize the opportunity of the 14th Five-Year Plan to cooperate with Yongzhou government. The Group will also build more quality projects with the craftsmanship spirit of "wisdom, conscience, hardship and benefit" to win a good reputation, and take root in Yongzhou market to help Yongzhou achieve high-quality development.
  Yan Hua said that he utterly welcomes the investment and construction of Pacific Construction in Yongzhou City. Yongzhou has a long history and rich cultural heritage, but the comprehensive level of urbanization still has a large space to improve. Through these two talks, he deeply felt the strong feelings of patriotism and responsibility of Pacific Construction. Such an enterprise is the most needed strategic partner of Yongzhou today. It is hoped that in the future, the two parties can strengthen communication, implement the cooperation plan adapted to local conditions as soon as possible, and achieve more long-term mutual benefit and win-win results.
  Qian Binghui, Chairman of the board of directors of Two Bays Construction of Pacific Construction, Chang Weiwei, Hunan Regional President of Pacific Construction and Chairman of the board of directors of Pacific Water Group, Huang Yue, Chairman of the board of directors of 24th Group of Pacific Construction, Liu Weihua, Vice Mayor of Yongzhou City, Gao Shoukai, Secretary of the Party Committee of Yongzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Li Shiwang, Chairman of Yongzhou Urban Construction Investment and Development Co., Ltd., Lu Yaochun, Chairman of the board of Economic Construction and Investment Development Co., Ltd. and others attended the talks.
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