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Chairman Yan Hao Holds Talks with Member of Standing Committee of Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Minister of Organization Department
  On the afternoon of February 23, Chairman Yan Hao held talks with Wang Cheng, member of the Standing Committee of Hunan Provincial Party Committee and Minister of Organization Department, in Changsha. The two parties discussed on the previous practical and friendly cooperation and exchanged views on further cooperation.
  Yan Hao pointed out that Chinese characteristics give us a sense of direction, the market economy gives us a sense of gain, and the rule of law gives us a sense of security. As a representative of private enterprises, Pacific Construction has always focused on the infrastructure construction in compliance with the national strategy since its establishment. The enterprise not only has the sense of social responsibility of state-owned enterprises, but also maintains the institutional advantages of private enterprises. Over the years, we have operated the enterprise with high-quality projects, adhered to the principle of "package contract", including quality contract, total price contract, and construction period contract, and always followed the principle of complying with disciplines and laws. Today, following the pace of the times, Pacific Construction is moving from the era of infrastructure construction 1.0 to the era of integrated urbanization operation 2.0, and is committed to achieve sustainable development with scientific and technological innovation.
  Yan Hao stressed that Hunan is not only the old market of Pacific Construction, but also the key market. Twenty years ago, Pacific Construction came to Hunan and took its root in Hunan. A large number of key projects benefiting people's livelihood were built in Hunan, and targeted poverty alleviation activities were carried out from three aspects of construction, industry, and education, which supported local development in an all-round way and won wide praise. Now the Group's investment projects have spread all over Hunan Province, and two entity enterprises with general contracting qualification have been established, which are further deepening cooperation with Chenzhou, Changde and other cities to continuously develop Hunan market. In the future, we will take infrastructure construction as the main driving point with the concept of "entering Hunan, being Hunan people, speaking Hunan dialect, doing Hunan affairs, and fulfilling Hunan responsibilities", and improve the new business sectors such as future city and water affairs, so as to join in the high-quality development of Hunan in a long run.
  Wang Cheng pointed out that Pacific Construction has been deeply engaged in the field of infrastructure construction for decades. It has accumulated profound experience in construction, management and investment, and has made greater contributions to Hunan's economic and social development, which is a loyal partner of Hunan. Due to General Secretary Xi Jinping's proposal of "three high and four new" development requirements, Hunan will achieve a new breakthrough in industrial layout and the rise of new industries. The government needs more urgently in upgrading the traditional infrastructure and accelerating the development of new infrastructure. We hope that Pacific Construction will seize this opportunity to give its full play to the resources and working style as the world top 500 enterprises, constantly introduce advanced infrastructure experience and business models to Hunan, and join hands with the government to realize the grand blueprint put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping for Hunan.
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