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The supporting infrastructure construction project of Shanxi Taixin Integrated Economic Zone Start-up Area undertaken by Pacific Construction started smoothly

        Sprint at the beginning, fight in the moment. On March 28, the first batch of major projects in Shanxi Taixin Integrated Economic Zone in 2022 were successfully started in Yangqu County, Taiyuan City, Shanxi Province. Zhang Jifu, Member of the Standing Committee of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and Executive Vice Governor, and Wei Tao, Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Taiyuan Municipal Party Committee, attended the ceremony.

       The construction of Taixin Integrated Economic Zone is a major deployment made by the 12th Party Congress of Shanxi Province. It is a major measure taken by the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government to serve the national strategy, plan the development of Shanxi, and promote the formation of a new layout of "one group, two districts and three circles" in urban and rural areas. The smooth holding of the starting ceremony officially sounded the province to grasp more projects, especially the major projects. It also marks the smooth start of the construction of the supporting infrastructure construction project (phase I) of the Taixin Integrated Economic Zone Start-up Area (Dayu Industrial New City) - the road network project undertaken by Pacific Construction. The project includes the construction of 11 roads with six verticals and five horizontals, which are laid out in a grid in Dayu Industrial New City. The construction mainly include supporting infrastructure such as roads, bridges and culverts, drainage, electricity and communication pipelines.

     At the event, Zhang Jifu said that the starting ceremony for the first batch of major project was organized today to establish the orientation of "projects are the first support" and set off a project construction boom in the Taixin Integrated Economic Zone. The bugle to start the construction has been sounded. It is our hope that the company can firmly shoulder its mission in the process of construction management, in accordance with the decisions and arrangements of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, taking the starting ceremony as an opportunity, seize the day, work hard, and use the vivid practice of Taixin Integrated Economic Zone construction to make due contributions to the all-round promotion of high-quality development for the province!
    As an important strategic node and main base of Taixin Integrated Economic Zone (Taiyuan District), the starting ceremony of the infrastructure construction of Dayu Industrial New City marks the full start of the construction of the core area. The start of construction is of great significance for optimizing the regional development layout, gathering new kinetic energy for high-quality development, building the Taixin Integrated Economic Zone, and accelerating the development of the "North Engine" of the urban area in central Shanxi. Pacific Construction will strictly follow the government's requirements, show the state and tenacity of "begin with a decisive battle, start with a sprint", seize the favorable opportunity, focus on the project construction, give full play to our industrial advantages, complete the construction tasks assigned by the government with high efficiency and high quality with the craftsman spirit of "being wise, having conscience, bearing hardship and suffering losses". (Text/Taixin Project of Pacific Construction)
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