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Chairman Yan Hao Holds Talks with Wu Junqing, Secretary of the CPC Jinzhong Municipal Committee and Chang Shuming, Mayor of Jinzhong City

        On May 20, chairman Yan Hao held talks with Wu Junqing, secretary of the CPC Jinzhong Municipal Committee, and Chang Shuming, deputy secretary of the CPC Jinzhong Municipal Committee and mayor of Jinzhong City. The two parties had in-depth exchanges on how to seize new opportunities for the development of Shanxi and boost the high-quality economic development of Jinzhong.
         Yan Hao said that the Group will adhere to the principle of "entering Jinzhong, being Jinzhong people, speaking Jinzhong dialect, handling Jinzhong affairs and fulfilling Jinzhong responsibilities". With a diversified business model, Pacific Construction has built a batch of conscientious projects, sustainable projects and honorary projects in Taigu, Shouyang and Pingyao, and its professional strength and work style have been unanimously recognized by the local government and the people. In the next step, we are willing to continue to be a "gold medal winner", give full play to the superimposed advantages of "resources, wisdom and capital" as one of the world's top 500 enterprises, carry out all-round cooperation with Jinzhong in the fields of industrial development and infrastructure, and contribute to the high-quality economic development of Jinzhong. At the same time, by relocating entity enterprises with first-class general contracting qualification, the GDP and tax revenue are actually settled locally. These enterprises will become the core enterprises in Jinzhong, and make new contributions to promoting the integration of Taiyuan and Jinzhong.
       Wu Junqing said that Jinzhong will closely follow the requirements of the CPC Jinzhong Municipal Committee to promote high-quality development in an all-round way. In this year, Jinzhong has taken the initiative to integrate into the major layout of "one group, two districts and three circles", promote the integrated development of Taiyuan and Jinzhong with the major measures of "integration in six aspects", and further strengthen the southern engine to help the development of the northern engine. Now, it is in a golden period with major development opportunities, and the cooperation between government and enterprises is bound to be promising. Pacific Construction's national identify and industry reputation are admirable. It has a firm confidence in building a century old enterprise, and the future cooperation between the two parties is promising. It is hoped that the two parties will further strengthen communication on the basis of existing good cooperation, find more cooperation points, promote the substantive cooperation continuously, and help Jinzhong build a new pattern of high-quality development in the new era.
      Zhang Yanli, regional president of Pacific Construction in Shanxi Province and chairman of the board of directors of No.16 Group, Zhang Dexi, chairman of the board of directors of Future International Group, Chen Yong, chairman of the board of directors of Two Bays Construction No.3 Group, Xu Xiaoyong, vice president of Future City Group and chairman of Future Industry, Lu Jianping, member and secretary general of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jinzhong Municipal Committee, Liang Yanping, vice mayor, Lu Guibin, director of Jinzhong Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, and Cheng Xuanlin, director of Jinzhong Municipal Bureau of Planning and Natural Resources attended the talks. (Editor/Photographer: Culture Center of Pacific Construction)
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